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Our Aussies

Bentley and Dolly

Bentley and Dolly are the Australian Shepherds of Country Oaks Farm. They are important members of our family and fill our hearts with love and delight. For more information, please click here for Dolly and click here for Bentley.

About Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds (affectionately referred to as Aussies) are intelligent, hard-working, high-energy dogs. They are great family dogs, but also helpful ranch/ farm dogs. They love adventure and are great walking, hiking, and running partners once they are adults. They enjoy having a job and being stimulated mentally as well as physically. Aussies need a yard with a good fence and they need exercise on a daily basis. They are very playful. They are very fond of their humans and incredibly loyal. Aussies are really good with children, especially when they are introduced to kids as puppies. Their eagerness to please makes training almost effortless. Aussies have a waterproof, double-layer coat that should be brushed weekly. They have a moderate shedding level, but weekly brushing helps with shedding. Aussies come in an array of colors including black (like Bentley), blue merle (like Dolly), red and red merle. As a part of the breed standard, the tails of Aussies are docked for practical reasons including to avoid injury when they are herding. Please visit the AKC website for more information on the breed!

Why You Should Buy from a Responsible Breeder

A responsible breeder takes great care in producing puppies that meet breed standards for their breed. This means predictability for buyers. When you get a puppy from a responsible breeder, you can predict the size and temperament of the dog as an adult. You can ensure that you are getting the exact characteristics you want in a dog. Responsible breeders pair dogs that compliment each other to enhance the breed. The dogs of responsible breeders undergo heath screening to ensure they are suitable for breeding before they are bred. We strive to be transparent as responsible breeders. We are honest and open about the quality of our dogs. We are constantly learning and growing as breeders, but we are passionate about our dogs and have made a life-long commitment to their health and well-being!